Geoffrey Eli Bodine is best known for his success in NASCAR. During his 51-year career, he was involved in many forms of racing, starting with micro-midgets at the age of 5 and working his way up to Cup racing. He was famous in the Northwest for wining more modified races than any other driver and is named in the Guinness Book of World Records with "Most wins in one season".

Geoff is the oldest of three brothers who have all been racecar drivers. He was born into a family with a passion for racing. His dad and grandmother built Chemung Speedrome in New York soon after Geoff was born and it did not take long for him to develop his racing skills at this track.

About the age of 30, he made his first start in the then Sprint Cup series. His first full season was in 1982 when he was named Rookie of the Year. During the mid 80's, Geoff's hunger for victory began to rise and he became an aggressive and skilled driver, dominating many of NASCAR's events. He began to develop a burning rivalry with Dale Earnhardt and there was tension on and off the track. It is said that once once Earnhardt cath his son Dale, Jr. playing with a # 5 Geoff Bodine toy car, he took it from the boy and destroyed it.

This rivalry led to a conference with NASCAR officials. Geoff has driven for some of the best known car owners in NASCAR such as Junior Johnson, Bud Moore, and Rick Hendrick as well as driving his own cars. Daytona International Speedway has been a very eventful track for Geoff. He earned his biggest victory there in 1986 at the Daytona 500. It's also the site of one of the most horrific and terrifying wrecks in NASCAR history. Geoff was driving in the Craftsman series when his truck along with 13 others, was involved in a vicious crash. Geoff's truck was thrown into the barrier fence and exploded into a massive fireball. Nine fans were injured and Geoff suffered several broken bones. He missed over of of the 2000 season. However, two years later he once again returned to Daytona for the Daytona 500 and proudly finished third.

Not only was Geoff a success on the track, but he also was the innovation behind some racing products. He helped introduce power steering and full face helmets into Cup racing. He also designed a special spring-loaded seat that's now used in several racing series and a line of detailing products.

In addition to auto racing products, Geoff was involved in building a more competitive bobsled for the US Olympic team. With his engineering background and the technology and experience he gained from racing, he created Bo-Dyn Bobsleds which made the US team more competitive. Today, Geoff Bodine is very involved in his community serving as a volunteer fireman and a board member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and he's still involved in the BoDyn program and the Olympic Bobsled team.

Source by Cindy Pischel

You can buy go kart kits to build virtually any type of go kart you or your child may want. This can be a great learning experience and give you and your child a project to work on that you will both enjoy. You do not need to be an expert to follow these easy-to-assemble instructions.

Racing and off road go karts are very popular. They also tend to be very expensive. However, you can get one for a fraction of the price if you are willing to do a bit of work and assemble it yourself. You should keep in mind that the bigger the motor the faster they go and this may not be appropriate for all children.

You will probably need screwdrivers and wrenches but not much more. These kits are made for the average person to be able to assemble them. Following the instructions is vital though. You will want to double check everything and be certain it's put together properly to avoid possible injury.

If you are wondering where you can drive these go karts then you have several options available. For racing go karts you may want to stick with a track. Off road go karts can go almost anywhere you want to go with them. Driving on public roads may well be prohibited by law however and you could be fined.

These kits generally come with all the parts and down to the last nut and bolt that you will need for your go kart. This is something that is loved by children as well as adults and can be used for many years to come. Only basic upkeep is needed once it is complete.

Source by Tony T Poulter

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